9th meeting F5J Intertour Eurocontest

May 9th - 10th 2020
Pla de Vent


Date:                           09/10. 05.2020

Hosting Club             Club d’ aeromodelisme Pla de Vent

Location                     1.3288904, 41.2870603

Competition               Carles Aymat



Competition rules    By participating in the competition the pilot acknowledges the following rules


FAI Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling-CIAM General Rules, 2020 Edition, Section C, CIAM General Rules for International Contests.


FAI Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling, Volume F5 Electric, 2020 Edition, Part five, 5.5.11 Class F5J.


Local Rules               No timekeepers from organizers, each pilot must control his time flight by his helper, organizers will control randomly some pilots during their flights. If there’s a difference of 3 seconds or more the flight will be 0.


Anti-doping Rules    Anti-doping rules of the AEPSAD and WADA


Conditions                Each participant needs a valid FAI-sporting licence 2020


Frecuencies              2,4 GHz The participants have to hold a compliant declaration for their radio; it must be shown at the registration on demand. Other frequencies on request.


Registration              Registration is only possible on the website

The registration is only valid if the entry-fee is transferred until 01.05.2020


Aeroclub Pla de Vent



IBAN: ES32-2100-0392-1502-0015-0612


Entry fee                     50€


Jury                            Jury-president and three (3*) jury-members from the participants from different nations; the election is done before the start of the competition.


Protest:                      The fee for a protest is 50 € and must be deposit with the written protest in English language


Time Table                Saturday, 9th May

                                   9:00 Breafing

                                   9:30 Start of competition

                                   Sunday, 10th May

                                   9:00 Continuation of competition

                                   Approx 3 PM end of competition


Awards                      3 individual.

                                   1 glider Vinco TR for winner


Catering:                    Breakfast, food and beverages will be offered on the field


Accomodation          Camping with tent or camping car is permitted in designed areas of the flying field. Toilets, showers, electricity are avaible at no extra cost.


Privacy:                     We use personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail, date of birth, club membership) only for the organization and execution of the competition. We do not store these data beyond the legal retention periods. This personal data may also appear in published results lists. Participants will be photographed during the competition and the award ceremony for documentation, reports and if necessary advertising of these or similar events. Some of these images may also be published (including online) in trade journals, forums and other media.



We wish you a save travel and a successful competition.

The organize team Pla de Vent